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Chef's forum, more commonly known as "chef's lounge," was created by Todd Spanier in 2007. Todd's devotion to the culinary industry inspired him to create this forum for chefs and others involved in the food industry. Todd's goal was to create an atmosphere which allowed chefs to relax, enjoy their day off, and provide them with the opportunity to meet other people involved in their industry and who share their same passion, food. Chef's lounge originally took place every first Monday of the month in Todd's large warehouse in Daly City, California. Chef's lounge started as a small group consisting of only a few chefs coming together each month, and eventually grew quite rapidly. The concept of chef's lounge interested many, and the attendance grew every month. Chef's lounge is constantly evolving but the spirit remains the same, and it has developed into a culinary community of more than five hundred chefs, wine makers, brewers, mushroom people, and foodies that come together for an informal night of great food, wine, and conversation. In 2008, with the help of Chef Neil Marquiz and Chef Maurice Dissels, as well as several other key supporters, chef’s Lounge was transcended and the venue for the event changed monthly. Please click here to view dates and locations of upcoming chef's lounge gatherings.